Meet The Owner

I’m an entrepreneur, herbalist, and Yoni Steaming Practitioner. Growing up, my mother, grandmother and elders in the family always had a homemade remedy for something and it actually worked! So being a healer, if you will, is in my blood. So it was a natural progression that Yoni Care has become a passion and purpose.

I have always believed in trying a holistic approach to feminine care. Being a woman, and mother of three girls (one adult and two teenagers), feminine care is always the topic of conversation, as well as with close girlfriends.  But I started with The Sweet Kitty Club at the start of the pandemic because the products that I normally used for my self-care routine were not available or were harder to get. I remembered my mother telling me that her mother, my Madea, used to make bath soap and laundry detergent and that inspired me to make my own soaps.  

After A LOT of research on herbs and product making, trials and errors, I started sharing my products with family and friends. They reported back noticing a difference in their overall hygiene and from there the word of mouth spread. I have truly enjoyed helping women and also men and children, enjoy achieving the freshest level of self-care through The Sweet Kitty Club’s product offering. We offer soaps, body washes, oils, and of course our V-Steam mixes.  

Pre-pandemic I created a safe non judgmental space that encourages open dialogue on issues that affect us through Tha After Party, an Internet radio station,that was based in Dallas with a satellite office in Los Angeles. While we are still on the airways my focus and passion has shifted. So the transition to The Sweet Kitty Club is my latest extension where we can be heard, helped, and understood.

It is my desire to help women detox physically, mentally, and holistically and most importantly be liberated through my handmade self-care products.  I truly appreciate being a part of their journeys. I share their stories, anonymously, and create other helpful self-care content through my social media accounts. @joinsweetkittyclub on IG and FB.   

xoxo Montanna aka Madam Bae❣️