Vsteam During The New Moon + A Journal Prompt

Does the mere thought of a season change following this past winter storm excite you? Are you preparing a ritual of sorts to fully transition from a state of hibernation to full on active mode?

While the Sweet Kitty Club always seeks to educate women on proper hygiene, we also want our Sweet Baes to see our products as an opportunity to promote spiritual wellness.

March 28th is the full moon (also referred to as the Full Moon Worm) and considered the last full moon of the winter. It's said that the full moon is a time for rituals; a time of cleansing  and shedding what's old to welcome  anew.  There is no right or wrong way to approach your ritual. It is simply a genuine expression of a sincere desire to release and start fresh. All you owe to the process is to be YOUR authentic self. 
So gather your favorite sweet kitty v-steam blend, your best music,  your cutest journal, bells or chimes, or simply just be present with an open heart. It’s the intention and action that the natural self responds to.

So as you open yourself to receiving more sun, new warmth, and the newness of the spring season, welcome also your own rebirth, renewal. and awakening within. Take a moment and create your very own sacred space and energy with our custom Sweet Kitty steaming blends and encourage your sweet bae friends to do the same.

Appreciate and allow the old season to loosen its hold and prepare for your blooming journey ahead!

As a way to prepare for your ritual, we invite you to join us in this month's journal prompt. Write a letter to someone who believed in you even when you didn't believe in yourself.

Blossom beautifully Sweet Baes!

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