Use Masturbation to Manifest Your Dreams aka Sex Magic

Having an orgasm and manifesting your desires, how’s that for killing two birds with one stone! Sign me up NOW😻

How does masturbating help manifest? Same question I had when one of my SweetBaes informed me that this is how she gets everything she wants. Through masturtbation.😱

Well hearing this got me excited, after all these are two of my favorite things.

Well come to find out, it all lies within our sexual energy which is considered to be the most powerful energy to manifest it can also be known as sex magic to others as it is the art of transforming sexual energy into tangible and real outcomes. The reasoning behind that is because sexual energy’s purpose is to create. So by producing the energy of your desire through an orgasm and then climaxing which would be equivalent to letting go, one of the steps to manifesting you would be practicing one of the most powerful manifestation techniques.

Ready to do it? There's no set rules, feel free to alter them or completely change it. 

1. Get in the zone.

This isn’t going to be a quickie, find a time and spot where you can be comfortable and won't be interrupted.

2. Pick your tool, your fingers or toy and get after it.

Try without porn so you can focus on the next step that I’m about to mention but if you need porn to start off by all means use it. GRAB YOUR SWEET YONI OIL, wetter makes it better. 

3. Visualize during masturbation.

This is the most crucial part imagine a scenario where your desires have already been manifested. It is okay to break focus during this time while masturbating but try your best to refocus.

4. Say affirmations.

Or think of those statements to program your brain to think more positive and that you already have what you are desiring. If you have trouble with visualizing you can just skip to this part.

5. Focus on the feeling.

Assuming that you are still mastubating and working your way to your big climax. Really focus on the feeling and your manifestations and hold your orgasm until you know it is powerful before releasing.

6. Orgasm!

Finish! Release! Cum!

7. Relax.

Drink some water you just released your energy and intention into the universe. Breath for a minute and get your day started or if you were doing it at night head on to sleep now or journal.

Orgasms are gifts meant to create not just humans but ideas and your dreams therefore become it, embrace it, and please use it wisely.😘

Trust the process and keep on manifesting ;)

Think this is a good way to make your dreams come true? Share in the comments.


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