Period Got You Down? Time To Release, Get Sexy & Manifest!

Its not a secret that women get the bad in of the stick when it comes to reproduction and it seems as though the men get to skip in the tulips through it all. Eve did us dirty didn't she? Truth is there's some pretty deep shit happening in Yoni region other than bleeding and PMS'n. Your cycle doesn't start on Day 1 of  period..

A menstrual cycle doesn't just refer to your period: It's the whole shebang, starting with the first day you get your period through the time your ovaries release an egg (ovulation) and your uterus builds up a soft, spongy lining just in case that egg gets fertilized (i.e. you get pregnant). And if the egg is not fertilized it will die which then  triggers your menstruation. It's normal for your cycle to be different from your bestie—a cycle can go from 21 days to more than 35. 

SweetBae It's Time To Release, Get Sexy & Manifest. Indulge in your "you time" by quieting your mind and reconnecting with your yoni by using our Sweet Kitty Yoni Tea

Our Sweet Kitty Yoni Tea is our herbal vaginal steam made with a special blend of eight unique herbs to help aid in your physical, spiritual and emotional cleansing. Not only will you feel clean from the inside out, its a great way to reconnect. 


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