Feeling Disconnected? Check Out This Months Journal Prompt

Have you ever felt in what I call "a Mood"? Like you're not happy you're not sad you feel like you are just existing? Or that anxious feeling when you know something in brewing in the air you just don't know what? I hate that shit! 😥. Am I by myself? Well Bae, its time to grab our journals. This is one of the best tools to use whenever the feeling of stress or uncertainty arises.

Since I started journaling, I’ve become more connected to my intuition and it has helped me to be gentle with myself, something I used to be very, (very!), bad at. This month during our self care time our next journal prompt will be to start the sentence with.... 


I feel...

(this prompt helps when feeling disconnected and ungrounded and it's a great starting point for free writing)


Do you participate in our monthly #SweetBaeJournal? Let me know in the comments. 😍

Happy journaling this month.  I hope you is discover your passion, direction and purpose.

                  -Madam Bae 😻


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  • I promise this was me, this last year I have been journaling since my experience with Covid. 2020 taught me to take care of myself more. More self-care and natural things to nourish my temple. The natural honey oatmeal soup I use is all I need for my daily wash needs. Thanks again Madam bae for sharing

    • Ashley Nicole