Dear Black Man

Dear Black Man,
It hurts me that you have it so rough
You built this world and they treat you unjust
You hold the strength of many gods
No matter how many times they put their knees on your neck 
You manage to still beat the odds and Rise!
You are the perfect soul mate, giving us more than we need
I feel safe when you are around, my soul is at ease.
They fear what your power and intelligence can bring
Its time to stand your ground as Kings
I will always be here, I'm your #1 Fan
When its time for you to stand I will hold your hand
I stand in solidarity, I want the world to see
Black Men, Black Boys, Black Lives Matter to ME
I admire your resilience no matter who you are
Keep pushing through no many how hard
And know forever and always you are my star! 

    --- xoxo Montanna 



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