5 Myths About Vaginal Steaming

On a recent episode of the Kardashians, Kourtney was very adamant about gifting the family vsteams when Khloe debunked it by stating, "I'm not putting my vagina through that" and that's all it took for the critics to get stirred up! 

Within 24hrs, the show had received Millions of views and thousands of comments. Women from all over the world posted about their love of steaming and the many benefits of vaginal steaming. I was overjoyed to read the celebrations!

Then came the critics... so very predictable in their dismissal of women's stories and lived experience. 

While some people get a kick out of discrediting our ancestral practices, I wanted to take the opportunity to address some of the most common misperceptions, and mis-truths about vaginal steaming. 

Myth 1: Yoni steaming is unsafe because you can get burned. 

Whilst you can of course get burned from sitting over heated water, it is not the practice of vaginal steaming that is unsafe. Women can get burned frying bacon, or flat ironing their hair. They are unlikely to get burned doing those things because they take care to learn how do those things safely and to trust their instincts.

Vaginal steaming can cause burns but only when a woman is overriding her instinct to stop. Overriding our instincts, let along our pleasure, is something we are tough by our culture. This would be considered a user error, not vaginal steaming.

Myth 2: Yoni Steaming Causes Infections. 

Similarly during a facial steam is used to remove gunk from your pores, do we assume that the gunk was caused by the steam? Nope! That's because, of course, the steam didn't create the debris, it simply helped to release it.

Similarly, vaginal steaming does not cause infections but rather supports the release of the infection from the body. This is why it is very important to understand what to expect when vaginal steaming for yeast infections and BV.  

Here's what I tell my SweetBaes:

Firstly, when vaginal steaming for yeast infections and BV, please use our Disinfect Blend for 15 mins. The body is already heating up to kill off the infection. Your vaginal steam may help to release the infection but we don't want to overly heat the body. That is why shorter yoni steams with lower heat is advised.

*Just remember, steam doesn’t cause an infection or create mucus. The steam loosens the mucus so that it and the infection can be released from the body. 

As you pull the infection down and out, it can create discomfort and maybe some itchiness and inflammation too.  Keeping yourself clean after going to the bathroom so that discharge isn’t sitting on the skin causing further irritation. 

Myth 3: Vaginal Steaming is unnecessary because the uterus is self-cleansing. 

This is like saying the skin is self cleansing, so don't bother exfoliating. Or how about the lungs are self-cleansing so never mind about deep breathing, it's not necessary. Or the colon is self cleansing so if you've been backed up for days, no need to do anything about it, right? Wrong. 

Yes, of course, the uterus has a brilliant built in cleansing mechanism in place: menstruation. Sometimes, if not often, that natural cleanse could use some support and that's when steaming may be incredibly beneficial. Yoni steaming may work to support the complete cleanse and clear the stagnation which is the root cause of so many menstrual ailments. 

Myth 4 : Yoni Steaming harms the pH balance of the vagina. 

Actually, vaginal steaming may help to restore the natural pH balance of the vagina. Unlike the harsh and often toxic "cleaning" products found in drug stores and even once recommended by OB-GYN's, vaginal steaming is all natural. The water and organic yoni steam herbs support a full uterine cleanse and gently allows the body to rebalance. 

Myth 5: OB-GYN's do not approve of vaginal steaming.

Though some OB-GYN's have apparently decided to make a name for themselves by dismissing, shaming, or fear mongering about vaginal steaming, few know anything about it. I'm sure the ones who loves to go on and on about the apparent dangers have never tried vaginal steaming nor have ever studied the practice or used it with patients. 

And can I remind you: Our current medical system is rooted in greed and fear. It a 'power over' model whereas vaginal steaming is a model of 'tapping into the power within'. After all, it is your body and it's building the relationship with her that is the deepest source of healing.


Hope this helps ❣️ 

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