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Sweet Gems LED Teeth Whitening Treatment

Sweet Gems LED Teeth Whitening Treatment

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This treatment includes a high percentage hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied to each tooth and then activated under a state of the art LED light. During this interaction, the gel penetrates the enamel and lifts existing stains.  

This is a fast cosmetic treatment that can effectively brighten your teeth by several shades in one appointment!

Expect to see your smile lighten 4-6 shades, without the sensitivity that white strips and take home trays can cause. Follow our detailed after-care instructions for lasting results and schedule a touch-up in 4-8 weeks.

Please make sure to sign our Waiver/Release Form before booking.

*Results depend on after-care and eating habits. Consumption of tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes reduces the effect of teeth whitening and can cause quick relapse.